Due to legacy thinking, most U.S Educators continue to build the foundation of measurement knowledge upon customary units, whereas most college degrees and career readiness training initiatives require the application of measurement in metric units. The modern metric system is the predominant measurement system utilized in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) as well as Medicine, precision Manufacturing and the Military.


Team Metric promotes focus and coherence in math and science education. The modern metric system is a base ten system. The new Common Core Mathematical Standards oblige the teaching of Numbers and Operations in base ten. U.S educational practice has an unprecedented opportunity to create synergy among the mathematical concepts of numbers, operations, and measurement. This change would allow Educators to reclaim one of their most valuable resources- time!


Team Metric is the modern metric movement in education!
As Parents and Educators, it is our responsibility to understand and advocate for the changes needed to modernize K-12 education. A strong metric-unit measurement foundation will increase student opportunity while removing obstacles to success. We believe that education is the key to increasing America's global competitiveness. The time is perfect for metrication in education!